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Obstetrics is the field of healthcare provided during physiological or pathological pregnancies, delivery/labor and postnatal care.  Our department provides for:

1. Hospitalization of women in cases of pathological pregnancy.

2.  Management of natural births and surgical deliveries/cesarean sections beginning with 34th week of pregnancy*, also treating possible accompanying pathological conditions, administering epidural analgesia and anesthesia, and dealing with physiological or pathological postnatal care.

*According to medical care concept in the field of obstetrics and gynecology of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic of January 3,2007,“…  preterm/premature  births between 24 and 32 weeks of pregnancy are centrally dealt with in perinatal centers  of type 3,  and before week 34, perinatal centers, type 2“.

A perinatal center is a hospital providing intensive, resuscitation and highly specialized neonatal care of prematurely born babies (before completed 34 weeks of gestational age) and pathological cases of newborn babies, providing also a 24-hour transport service. Perinatal centers represent the top consultation and therapeutic units in the area of neonatology in the particular regions. There are five perinatal centers in Slovakia.


You are most welcome to give birth to your child in our sanatorium. Please, make an appointment in the antenatal care unit of the outpatient department, and we will discuss with you the conditions of your health, the current course of pregnancy and your ideas of childbirth. In the following text you will find a discussion of various questions concerning delivery in this new facility. 


When I choose to give birth in your hospital, when should I register for prenatal check-ups?
Start making appointments when you are 34-36 weeks pregnant, and call to: 02/5464 0061, 02/5464 0062. Appointments can be made from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. You are advised to make calls in the afternoon or in the evening when the lines are not so heavily busy.


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