When to go to maternity hospital and what to bring

When should I go to the hospital? 

The signs

  1. The waters breaking. When you feel the water is breaking, it is necessary to come to our outpatient department. The doctor will confirm the water breaking or not. It may be helpful to wear a clean white sanitary pad/napkin for testing by a chemical agent. When water breaking is confirmed, you must be hospitalized also in absence of contractions, even   when everything else is O.K. When water breaks, vaginal examination is reasonable in order to find, as soon as possible, about the position of the umbilical cord, the hands and the legs of the baby. In case of Hsb Ag positive test, prophylactic antibiotic therapy must begin immediately. When Hsb test is negative, antibiotics will be administered after 12-18 hours. Antibiotic prophylaxis is necessary to prevent bacteria from your vagina to get to the baby, thus preventing neonatal sepsis (a severe, often lethal infection).
  2. Bleeding. It is necessary to distinguish between unimportant bleeding from pathological conditions. It is common to experience slight bleeding after an examination or intercourse. The uterus neck/cervix tissue is soaked, soft, so small blood vessels may break. With mucus clot discharge also some blood may appear. Also with the onset of contractions, blood and mucus may be discharged. This is quite normal, and there is no reason to worry at all. With the flow of more blood (requiring a hygienic pad) or in case of coagula /blood clot discharge, hospitalization is very urgent for dealing with the conditions.  It may be the case of premature placental abruption/separation.
  3. If your contractions are 5 - 7 minutes apart, you may be in labor. False labor pains or contractions may be distinguished from true labor by the following signs: contractions are regular, their intervals get shorter and their intensity grows. When not sure, preferably go for an examination.  


What should I bring to the hospital?

Personal hygiene items including shower gel and shampoo (each woman may like to have her own cosmetic brand), 2 nursing bras, pledgets/pads for your bra, disposable briefs. You will find towels, the gown, hygienic pads/napkins, bed mats, the nightgown, and a hairdryer in your room, as well as cutlery, toilet paper, etc.  For your baby, napkins, baby-wear, towels, cosmetics, etc. will be provided, too. Please, bring all medications you use on regular basis.  Have the things you will need when taking the baby home brought on the last day of your hospital stay.

In case you and your partner are not married, get a paternity confirmation from the registry, when you want your child to use his surname.  


Getting to the hospital

You may come any time during the day or night, without making a prior phone call. The nurse will prepare the necessary documentation for you, and the attending physician will perform admission vaginal examination to assess cervical dilation. Then the midwife will accompany you to the delivery room for cardiotocography to record the baby’s heartbeats and uterine contractions.
Based on the results the doctor will decide on the next procedure. In absence of any risks to the baby, your labor is likely to proceed naturally and spontaneously.


If you choose to call an ambulance, inform the crew you have arranged to give birth in this maternity hospital.


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