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Price list

Patient management annual fee  

EUR 129,90

Extra charge for management of  pregnancy and postnatal care in addition to the annual fee 

    EUR 179,00

Reduced annual fee for women over 57 years of age

    EUR 64,90

Reduced annual fee for  hysterectomy postoperative care

    EUR 64,90

Reduced annual fee  for girls below 18 years of age

    EUR 35,00

Reduced annual fee for full-time students up to 26 years of age –  student status must be confirmed by the school

    EUR 64,90

Radiology breast imaging sought upon a doctor’s recommendation for the patient who has not paid the annual fee

    EUR 17,90

Radiology breast  imaging sought without a doctor’s recommendation for the patient with no health insurance coverage   

    EUR 27,90

Outpatient (same  day) surgery 

    EUR 120,00

Surgery requiring hospitalization
(regardless of the length of stay) See Gynecology "Services".

    EUR 299,00

Delivery and postnatal care
**(payment in three installments may be made)

    EUR 1 400,00

Choosing a physician, anesthesiologist for delivery services (from the list)

    EUR 300,00

Full board and lodging for additional person in the same  room /per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) when the bed hospital capacity makes it possible

    EUR 120,00

Extra fee for a suite with full board and lodging for additional person plus a parking lot in the hospital premises

    EUR 1 000,00 / 5 days
    plus EUR 150,00 per  

    additional day

Prenatal genetic screening based on maternal blood testing –NIPT (Non Invasive Prenatal Test)

    EUR 350,00

Fetal gender determination from maternal blood requested after 12 weeks of  pregnancy 

    EUR 84,00



You will get full information on prices in the hospital.
* Installments are calculated with no further price increase! Please, make inquiries at the reception desk or ask your physician.


In Bratislava, May 15, 2018

MUDr. Vladimír Cupaník, CSc.